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I'm a part-time photographer. I specialize in canine performance photography, but I also enjoy wildlife and nature photography. You can peruse some of my recent work below. For my professional work, please visit my online studio at Jeremy Kezer Photography.

25 June 2010 - We traveled with some friends to Machias Seal Island, far downeast in Maine. It's a puffin and razerback rookery, and we got to see literally thousands of each. Pictures.

12 June 2010 - During a trip to California I spent some time at Point Reyes. Highlights included Elephant Seals (luckily at a distance!). Pictures.

1 February 2010 - This Eastern Screech Owls likes to greet the sunrise. Unfortunately the Blue Jays don't care for him much and harass him whenever they get the chance. Pictures.

14 April 2009 - I continue to find Snowy Owls at Salisbury, MA. I also got some quick shots of a Harrier who dive-bombed the Snowy and kept on going. Pictures.

8 April 2009 - I was fortunate to find the Great Gray Owl in Durham, NH. Pictures.

5 March 2009 - The Snowy Owl continues to hang out in Salisbury, MA. Pictures.

26 February 2009 - I was fortunate to once again find the Snowy Owl in Salisbury, MA. Pictures.

21 February 2009 - Got some great looks at a Snowy Owl in Salisbury, MA. Pictures.

8 June 2008 - In California for business, I was able to spend a day at Point Lobos State Reserve in Carmel. Pictures.

11 December 2007 - While walking the dogs I noticed that the spray from the Lake Gardner dam had caused some delicate frost on the fence and bushes nearby. Pictures.

14 July 2007 - We recently visited some friends on Prince Edward Island, Canada. I was able to steal away for a bit to take some Pictures. We also managed to squeeze in a weekend of dog shows along the way.

7 April 2007 - Fiona had her puppies a little more than a week ago. I've been posting lots of pictures at the Chantico IWS site, but I've also posted a separate gallery called "Toes and Tails". Pictures.

24 March 2007 - We visited Plum Island this morning and were able to watch a short-eared owl hunting. They're cool to watch. Pictures.

10 March 2007 - To my surprise, I found some sea ducks in the river behind our house - Common and Hooded Mergansers as well as a Ring-neck duck. Pictures.

5 March 2007 - I visited Deer Island this morning and was able to find the usual eagle suspects. I was surprised to find a river otter as well! Pictures.