ClockSync II 1.4.1

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ClockSync II is a simple utility to synchronize the clock of your Macintoshes. If you have two or more Macintoshes, you probably notice that the clocks drift apart as time goes by. This can range from being a minor nuisance to a real pain, especially if you tend to do a lot of file synchronizing between the Macintoshes. ClockSync II synchronizes the clocks between two Macintoshes, by setting the clock of "servant" Macintoshes to be the same as the clock of a "master" Macintosh. While it's a big help if you have just two or three Macintoshes, it can be a real life-saver on big networks!

ClockSync II has two components - a Master and a Servant. The Master is an application that is run on the "master" computer. The Servants are run on other computers on the network, and will synchronise their time with that of the "master" computer.

Additionally, the Master can synchronize its clock to a highly accurate network time server over the internet, insuring that all the computers on your network have matching date, time and location information.

While ClockSync is very useful due to the normal "drift" between the clocks of any Macintoshes on your network, it's especially valuable for automatically handling the Daylight Saving Time transition in the spring and fall.

ClockSync II will run on any Macintosh with a 68020 or better processor (it is accelerated for PowerPC). The Masters and Servants must be on an AppleTalk network. The Master can use an internet connection (via either Open Transport or MacTCP/IP) to access a network time server.

ClockSync II is Appearance Manager-savvy.

NOTE: The internet time server feature of the Master cannot access the internet through a proxy server or similar internet firewall.

ClockSync II 1.4.1 (24 November 2000)

ClockSync II 1.4.0 (5 January 1999)

ClockSync II 1.3.2 (6 August 1998)

ClockSync II 1.3.1 (13 May 1998)

ClockSync II 1.3.0 (12 May 1998)

ClockSync II 1.2.1 (9 March 1998)

ClockSync II 1.2.0 (31 January 1998)

ClockSync II 1.1.2 (10 December 1997)

ClockSync II 1.1.1 (26 November 1997)

ClockSync II 1.1.0 (12 October 1997)

ClockSync II 1.0.3 (23 July 1997)

ClockSync II 1.0.2 (24 June 1997)

ClockSync II 1.0.1 (2 June 1997)

ClockSync II 1.0.0 (30 May 1997)