Insomniac 1.1.1

A StuffIt archive of Insomniac is available for download (152k).

Insomniac has a $10 registration fee. You can register online via Kagi.


Insomniac is a utility program designed specifically for any Macintosh that is able to "wake" itself up (currently, any PCI-based Macintosh and the PowerBook 100, 150, PowerBook Duo series, PowerBook 500 series, PowerBook1400, and PowerBook 5300 series).

Apple provides you, through a control panel, a way of setting the wakeup time of your PowerBook. This is very handy for automatically sending faxes or electronic mail in the middle of the night, when rates are lower and computer systems are quieter. However, you can only set a single wake up time.

Insomniac allows you to program up to fifty wakeup "events" (registered copies only). Consequently, you can have your Macintosh wake up and send your faxes at 1:00am, fall back to sleep, wake up at 2:00am to send your electronic mail, and so on. Or, you can use Insomniac to program a repetitive wakeup time (like 1:00am every night) for weeks.

Insomniac is compatible with:

Insomniac 1.1.1 (12 January 1997):

Insomniac 1.1.0a: