MyBattery 3.3.8

A StuffIt archive of MyBattery is available for download (320k).

MyBattery has a $10 registration fee. You can register online via Kagi.


MyBattery is a utility program designed specifically for portable Macintosh computers. It provides you with information about your PowerBook batteries and system. Its features include:

MyBattery's most popular feature is its ability to estimate how much battery time you have left. Using a historical estimation technique, MyBattery monitors your PowerBook usage, and updates its estimates accordingly.

MyBattery will run on any Portable Macintosh. Some more advanced features are only available on models that support them (for example, battery serial number support is only supported on Duos and and later systems).

NOTE: The temperature measurements do not work on the "Wall Street" and "Bronze" keyboard PowerBook G3's. The temperature measurements work on all previous PowerBooks, as well as the iBook and FireWire PowerBook. Installing Mac OS 9.1 may improve the compatibility of the temperature readings on older models.

NOTE: The temperature readings do not work on the PowerBook G4/400. They work fine on the PowerBook G4/500, and on desktop G4/400 systems.

MyBattery 3.3.8 (23 July 2000):

MyBattery 3.3.7 (11 June 2000):

MyBattery 3.3.6 (26 January 1999):

MyBattery 3.3.5 (3 September 1998):

MyBattery 3.3.3 (1 April 1997):

MyBattery 3.3.2 (2 December 1996):

MyBattery 3.3.1 (22 October 1996):

MyBattery 3.3.0:

MyBattery 3.2.0a: