PowerSaver Tweak 1.1.1

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PowerSaver Tweak is a utility for newer PowerBook models and PCI-based Power Macintoshes that gives you more control over the power conservation settings than Apple's PowerBook/Energy Saver control panel. Like the PowerBook or Energy Saver control panel, PowerSaver Tweak lets you define power conservation settings that are always in effect. However, PowerSaver Tweak also lets you define settings for specific applications.

Why is this important? I found that in day-to-day use, having a single set of settings was inflexible - I was always bringing up the PowerBook control panel to tweak the values for whatever application I happened to be using. For example, I'd bring it up to increase the hard drive spindown time for Word, or turning off CPU cycling for games. PowerSaver Tweak is my solution to this - you have a default set for most applications, but you can set up your favorite settings for Word or whatever applications you tend to use.

PowerSaver Tweak is compatible with the:

PowerSaver Tweak is not supported as a "Classic" app under OS X.

PowerSaver Tweak 1.1.1 (12 January 1997):

PowerSaver Tweak 1.1.0: