Thermograph 1.3.4

A StuffIt archive of Thermograph is available for download (356k).

Thermograph has a $7 registration fee. You can register online via Kagi.


Thermograph is a utility for monitoring your the processor temperature of any late-model G3 or G4-based Macintosh. Features include:

Thermograph is only compatible with the latest Macintosh models, such as:

Note: Installing Mac OS 9.1 seems to improve compatibility with earlier models.

Note: At this time, Thermograph will not work when run as a Classic application under OS X. You should try ThermographX instead.

Note: Motorola documents the relative accuracy of the temperature measurements from the processor to be ±12°C (21.6°F). Your measurements may vary.

Note: Motorola's MPC7450CE/D Rev 5 errata indicates "The thermal assist unit (TAU) is no longer supported on the MPC7450, MPC7451, or MPC7441.". Because of this, you will not be able to measure the junction temperature on any system with these processors. At current, this includes the "Gigabit" PowerBook G4 and the "2001 Quicksilver" G4's.

Thermograph 1.3.4 (10 August 2001):

Thermograph 1.3.3 (26 July 2001):

Thermograph 1.3.2 (22 May 2001):

Thermograph 1.3.1 (11 March 2001):

Thermograph 1.3.0 (6 March 2001):

Thermograph 1.2.0 (15 January 2001):

Thermograph 1.1.1 (15 November 2000):

Thermograph 1.1.0 (31 October 2000):

Thermograph 1.0.1 (8 August 2000):

Thermograph 1.0.0 (15 July 2000):