Macintosh Temperatures

This page shows recorded temperatures record using the following OS 9 utilities:

Please bear in mind that these temperatures are only provided for reference; no judgements on the values is made. Since these temperatures were recorded by a variety of individuals in a variety of situations, they are by no means scientifically valid and are provided for your edification.

Currently there are measurements for:


iMac - 233MHz
iMac - 266MHz
iMac - 333MHz
iMac - 350MHz
iMac - 400MHz
iMac - 450MHz
iMac - 500MHz


Macintosh Duo 230 - 33MHz

PowerBook 190 - 33MHz

PowerBook 520 - 25MHz

PowerBook 1400c/cs - 117MHz
PowerBook 1400c/cs - 133MHz
PowerBook 1400c/cs - 183MHz
PowerBook 1400c/cs - 3rd party

PowerBook 2300c - 100Mhz

PowerBook 2400c - 180MHz

PowerBook 3400c - 180MHz
PowerBook 3400c - 200MHz
PowerBook 3400c - 240MHz

PowerBook 5300 - 100MHz
PowerBook 5300 - 117MHz

PowerBook G3 - 250MHz

PowerBook G3 (Bronze) - 333MHz

PowerBook G3 (FireWire) - 400MHz
PowerBook G3 (FireWire) - 500MHz

PowerBook G4 - 400MHz
PowerBook G4 - 500MHz

Power Macs

G3 (Blue & White) - 300MHz
G3 (Blue & White) - 400MHz

G4 (AGP) - 350MHz
G4 (AGP) - 400MHz
G4 (AGP) - 450MHz
G4 (AGP) - 500MHz

G4 DP (Gigabit) - 450MHz
G4 DP (Gigabit) - 500MHz

G4 (Digital Audio) - 466MHz
G4 (Digital Audio) - 533MHz
G4 (Digital Audio) - 733MHz
G4 DP (Digital Audio) - 533MHz


G4 Cube - 450MHz
G4 Cube - 500MHz


iBook - 300MHz
iBook - 366MHz
iBook - 466MHz

iBook (Dual USB) - 500MHz

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Last updated: 7 September 2001

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